Why are gym’s so patronising to over 60’s ?

By October 11, 2019 No Comments

Sixties is the new forties right ? Well not according to gyms that assume you can’t do basic things like climbing the stairs.. really ! I’m really cross about this .. why ?

Recent surveys show that the over sixties demographic is fitter than ever before but yet woefully ignored or patronised by gyms who concentrate on the 21 to 40 year old market.

You guys and I know that the over sixties can smash it in the gym and are regularly patronised and dismissed.

I am more than happy to announce that my most successful clients are Rose age seventy three and can ass to grass squat (no pun intended but she is amazing) Jane is sixty four and 5ft 3 and squatting 50kg, Mary is sixty five and can push a sled of 125kg, box like a pro and battle rope like a demon, Carol is Sixty two only 5ft 3 and bench presses like  demon (50kg) she’s a bit scary.

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