Where to start your fitness journey

By June 23, 2019 No Comments

Ask yourself these three key questions …

  1. WHY do you want to get fit ?
  2. HOW do you get fit ?
  3. DO you have support ?

The WHY is very important, it has to be about you and your reasons for doing so.

So ..

  1. Is it to start dating again ?
  2. Have you had a health scare ?
  3. Eventually be able to play with your newborn or grandchild ?
  4. To prove everyone wrong that say “you can’t do it”
  5. Improving your mental and physical wellbeing ?

My point .. you have to have your own reason, not because you have been told to do it or feel pressured into it by either family, friends, social media, magazines or TV .. your own inspiration is your greatest asset and motivation.

Please feel free to comment below what has motivated you, inspired you, why you need inspiration and I will be back tomorrow with the HOW…