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If you’ve taken an extended break from your fitness training and are finding it difficult to get ” back on it ” then don’t panic and don’t give up. Here’s some tips on getting back on the road to fitness.

1. Preparation is key

Don’t wait until you’re about to leave for the gym or go for a run before getting your gym gear out. If you’re planning on getting back in the gym in the morning than get your gym gear out the night before and lay it out ready.

2. Take a 30-day challenge

Don’t think of it as long term for now, instead set yourself an achievable 30 day challenge to go to the gym every day or every other day and check out your results at the end of the time period

Try and stick to training on the same days of the week so that training becomes part of your routine again.

3. Take Small Steps

If you’re getting back into training after an extended break then don’t be too hard on yourself when you discover that you’re not at the same level you were. You likely won’t be able to lift as much or run as far as you could. The good news is that it’s much easier for someone who’s had a break from training to get back to where they were than for someone who’s never trained to reach that level. Take small steps and you’ll get there.

4. Train With a Friend

Studies have shown that people who train with a friend are 70% more likely to carry on training than those that don’t. If you don’t have anyone that you can train with then maybe consider joining a running club, attending gym classes or hiring a professional trainer.

5. Plan Your Training

A common mistake is to tell yourself that ” maybe ” you’ll hit the gym tomorror or that you ” might ” go for a run at the weekend. Plan what time you’ll be training and plan exactly what you’ll be doing. Make written notes of which exercises you’ll be doing and the number of reps then tick them off as you finish them.

6. Don’t Expect Miracles.

Just because you can’t complete a one hour training session right now doesn’t mean you should give up. Start slowly with 10 – 15 minute sessions and build on that slowly, over time.

Whatever age you are you can take back control of your fitness by taking things slowly and building up a routine. The hardest part is the first step. Why not take that first step this week and post your results in the comments section?