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Joannes Lifestyle & Wellbeing Change

Joanne has always led a healthy and active lifestyle and loved to run and attend regular gym classes until a hip injury hindered her progress. When Joanne approached me 12 months ago to improve mobility, strength, muscle definition and to get her running again pain free again, it was a challenge I was proud to take on. Joanne has worked her socks off inbetween our sessions with her rehab excercises that I set her and the results speak for themselves, couldn’t be more proud of her.

Michael's 5 Stone Weight Loss

Let me introduce Michael, at 60+ he is a true inspiration, as a former member of the Navy travelling the world, he came to me for help as life had generally just got in the way, Michael had a heart attack 40. yes just 40! so after a 20 year weight gain and worrying that this never happens again our journey began. Michael is fearless, he never backs away from a challenge and is already 3 stone down. I could not be prouder. Check back in soon to see the next phase of Michael’s transformation.

Chris's back injury journey

Chris is just starting out on his fitness journey after a back injury. Using resistance bands and form correction we are working together to make him stronger and fitter for the future; injury and stress free.

Check back in soon to see his progress.

Karl's Story

I have had many PTs over the years and enjoyed (in a kind of makes you sick, pushing you, legs on fire way) varied success. I have been having PT with Sophia for 6 months now and have seen a great deal of personal improvement . I am fitter, stronger, fit in my clothes better, lighter (this element doesn’t matter to Sophia) and generally feel better about myself.

Personal training has worked for me this time as Sophia quickly works out your strengths and weaknesses and plans to both elements. We have bench mark workouts to ensure we can both see improvement and constantly varied challenges for the weeks In between. Sophia can do this as she genuinely cares about her profession and her clients, so much so Sophia now PTs my family and my now 17 year old daughter has never been worked so hard and is enjoying flexibility she has never previously known.

With all of this, Sophia is no nonsense but still ensures we laugh (usually at me) and I get to occasionally tell her what I think of her during the sessions, which is greated with a laugh and duly ignored.

Sophia’s planning and attention to detail makes her a first class PT and believe me, I should know!

Sue's Story

Sophia trains me hard twice a week and you feel that every inch of your body has had a work out. She targets different muscle groups each time and having the knowledge of which classes you are attending each week helps her plan to ensure no muscle group is over trained. She pushes me hard and ensures you are pushed to the max and achieve those PBs on a regular basis. You will go over older workouts which enables you to see the improvements in stamina, strength and flexibility. My cholesterol has dropped significantly since the start of 2019 and I have also lost many inches and kilo’s.I now feel great in clothes and feel much stronger and fitter too! Thank you Sophia!!

Sophia is a fab PT, she is focused on helping me to achieve my goals and makes every session challenging, different and enjoyable. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to lift heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. Sophia always ensures that my technique is correct to avoid any injuries. Sophia is extremely reliable she is always set up & ready to start with an exercise routine planned. Would highly recommend booking a session

Jeanette Orange

Fantastic first session with Sophia Butler this morning. First step of many and I'm feeling really motivated. She takes no hurts...this lady helps you get results .Thats exactly how it should be.

Mary Bennett

Sophia is a fabulous PT!! Within minutes of starting any session you have forgotten about all the daily stress you have had to deal with. Every session is thoroughly planned and she targets every muscle group in your body over a block of group sessions. It’s hard work but we have so much fun and you feel great afterwards! Her classes are also fun and different every time so you will Never get bored! Do not hesitate to contact her if you want to achieve your goals. I am so much fitter and stronger since starting with her last November and I feel wonderful again! Give her a call, you won’t regret it.

Suzanne Dooner

This Lady knows her job and has restored my faith in Personal trainers, she always makes our sessions fun and we have great crack its hard work but always enjoyable and goes far to quickly.I would recommend Sophia to anyone thinking of getting fit or losing weight whatever age they are you wont be disappointed. And i look forward to our next class.

Michael Charnock

I’ve been training with Sophia for the last two months, and can say I actually enjoy going to the gym, which anyone that knows me will know that’s a surprising statement. She really pushes me, and the difference is now becoming noticeable. Any local friends looking for a PT I would highly recommend Sophia.

Wendy Barlow

Nice easy relaxing classes , not a chance. Another great session last night and now there’s no more burpees it might not hurt as much the next day.

Iain McManus

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