Mental Health and Exercise

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Exercise and Mental Health

It’s a win win ..

Please comment on how exercise, joining a gym or meeting new friends has helped you through the day …

Is anyone actually brave enough to comment ?


What are the mental health benefits of exercise?

Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscle size. Sure, exercise can improve your physical health and your physique, trim your waistline, improve your sex life, and even add years to your life. But that’s not what motivates most people to stay active.

People who exercise regularly tend to do so because it gives them an enormous sense of well-being. They feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives. And it’s also powerful medicine for many common mental health challenges.

Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. And you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits. Research indicates that modest amounts of exercise can make a difference. No matter your age or fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to feel better.

Actually some people just come to the gym for a daily catch up .. loneliness.. another side effect of mental health .. its not always about who’s better at cross fit, who can do 100 burpees, its about connecting with with people and exercising at the same time. 

And having fun while you are doing it ..

You are all welcome on my classes and everyone will welcome you xx