Christmas ..

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The tin of Roses on the coffee table. The smell of freshly cooked pigs in blankets out of the oven. The bottles of Baileys and Prosecco lining the fridge door.

While Christmas might well be the most magical time of the year, it’s also often the most glutinous, booze-filled and, let’s face it, exhausting period in the winter calendar.

Wether you’re heading home to your families for the festive season, booking a late holiday in the sun with your partner, or planning to paint the town red with friends to bring in the New Year, December is full of temptations that can easily make the most avid gym bunny and devoted health-conscious eater jump widely off the wagon.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

You can still party until the small hours of the morning, knock back a shot of tequila and tuck into a bowl of Christmas pudding and maintain a healthy fitness regime and eating plan.

Don’t believe me?

There is a strong undercurrent of  ‘but it’s Christmas’ mentality that is amongst us all, me included.  And while we do need to let our hair down and have fun during this time of year, we also need to look after our bodies. What we don’t need to do is be miserable and let the the social media youngsters of today tell us that all the fun stuff is BAD.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you have fun and enjoy yourself but also the confidence to know when you and you alone have had enough or want more.

  • If your goal is to stay fit and healthy through the festive season then small changes go a long way.  It’s easier not to over eat when you’re mindful. But It’s one week … so what,  you’ve put 2 pound on, did you have a good night (that’s why you have been in the gym for the last 360 days).
  • Drink lots of water on a night out. Don’t be afraid when your friends are offering to buy you drinks to ask for a sparkling water with some lemon. I always fall back on the ‘tomorrow is a big day and I need to be on form’ excuse, then have half a lager anyway. Its a social time .. about meeting new people and making new friends .. big deal, people have seen me with an alcoholic drink .. what are you going to do .. burn me at the stake ..
  • Hit the dance floor like a pro .. have fun and burn off those calorie while partying like a wild thing
  • I carry trainers or slip ons in my hand bag so I can stomp home .. (rather than fall in high heels) my friends will vouch for this !
  • Have a glass of water when you get home before you go to bed and set an alarm (not too early, you’ve strutted your stuff for 2 hours) honestly the hangover won’t be as bad.
  • I love my Christmas Curry .. err am I not having it this year … blooming right I am

The one thing I do miss is that we used to, as a community all go for a Christmas Day walk .. now there is an idea ..

Most of all I hope this helps, stay safe, have fun and have a fantastic Christmas it’s a time to enjoy.