Anti Social Behaviour in Teens

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The Benefits of Physical Exercise

Sport and physical activity programs provide an effective outlet for children and teens to burn off energy, meet new people and de-stress. Yes de-stress !

As a parent of 2 Boys and 1 girl, I distinctly remember throughout the junior school years being sent forms for sports activities, art groups, drama groups, swimming lessons and the list goes on .. maybe £2 a time maybe £15 a time .. no I could not afford to let them try everything or do everything.

Here comes the But …

The High School Years. The relief at not getting endless letters but the responsibility being passed to the children to join the Rugby Team, Netball Team, Athletics Team which do not get me wrong thank you to the teachers involved that run these clubs.

What about the teenagers that love activity but don’t like Rugby, Netball or Athletics and are not particularly interested or good at them ! Well here’s a thought ..

20 years ago I was a gymnast but hated Hockey, PE was not enjoyable for me, I played up, forgot kit, got cheeky, and was probably the PE teachers worst nightmare so got shoved into set 3. I was actually training 5 times a week and super fit and a fantastic swimmer but no-one ever asked, the peer pressure of high school made me give up, if only one person had took me aside and asked what the problem was. Mine … Boredom ! Preventing and reducing boredom is important due to its reported links to depression, distractibility and loneliness.

In many ways I was very lucky, I attended a local Youth Club up until I was 15 we played games like dodgeball, Piggy in the middle with 30 kids, Cricket wicket, Bench Ball .. so I burnt off lots of energy and thankfully my attitude didn’t bubble over into my academic studies.

I have set up REDS, Resilience, Education, Determination, Success as a charity to try and help the local community secure our children’s future and it should be available to them at a minimum cost or where possible free. These Children are our future and our legacy ..

I cannot thank the Cheshire Constabulary and Stockton Heath PCSO’s enough for supporting us and want to give back .. I have copied below the Game of Life Article .. which also shows another perspective.

Game of Life – Antisocial Behaviour and Crime

Youth crime and antisocial behaviour are complex social issues but the risk factors are well established.

These include social and economic disadvantage, low educational attainment, poor social and emotional skills, living in a deprived area, poor parenting and poor parental mental health.

The cost here is clear– offending by young people is estimated to cost the economy between £8.5 and £11 billion per year.

There are four main theories for how sport and recreation can reduce crime and antisocial behaviour:

  • A diversion from undertaking in criminal behaviour. Seven in ten teenagers believe antisocial behaviour occurs because young people are bored, and six in ten say that there isn’t enough for young people to do in their area.
  • A ‘hook’ for other interventions, the range of sport and recreation activities out there means that something will appeal to everyone and will sufficiently engage them to continue. By including life skills workshops alongside participation in sport and recreation programmes other risk factors can be addressed.
  • Behaviour modification such as enhancing self-regulating abilities or developing problem-solving abilities as a result of the skills needed in the activity. Adventurous activities such as climbing or gliding can also provide a positive avenue for expressing a desire to take risks (something which can drive antisocial behaviour and crime).
  • Social inclusion. Sport and recreation can break down barriers between groups of people in a local area who might not otherwise engage, as the rules that govern sport and recreation are not based on faith or belief systems. Mentors can provide positive role models for at risk young people and reaffirm participants importance in society.

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