A real life perspective from a 44 year old Warrington personal trainer

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A real life perspective from a 44 year old personal trainer.

Most of my clients hate me .. well so they say ..

The truth is I have a good rapport with all of my clients, they can swear at me, off load at me and tell me anything, we have an understanding that this is the way it is. Yes I push them hard and I take them out of their comfort zone but the one thing that amazes me is that time after time .. we get results. My clients will say to me you really don’t care that I’m hurting right now and you’re actually smiling .. they even tell me that I have nick names that I’m not privy to.

This makes me happy .. why ? Because each and everyone of them tell me the same story even though they are all from different walks of life.

A happy healthy body is better than an Instagram or Facebook post, we are all amazing no matter what shape or form we have been given, we can all be happy, healthy and fit … we are all built differently, feel different emotions, inherited bone mass .. it doesn’t mean we all can’t be the best version of ourselves.

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Thankyou Sophia